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Some politicians tend to forget who they work for.  I often introduce myself by saying, "I work for you". Sometimes folks seem mildly shocked by my pronouncement.  In my view, my statement should be the norm. When campaigning I asked voters to "Hire me" and if they aren't happy with my performance they should "Fire me".  I believe that's the way all those elected to public service should be treated.

Here's my promise -- I've been elected to the State House to join the fight for reform and make state government efficient and effective.

I pledge to continue to work closely with those who desire to reform state government, spend wisely and limit taxation.  I reject those who are self-serving and not well intended.  


It is a privilege to serve and this is my pledge regarding major issues...


State's Rights:  I'm standing-up and speaking with a strong voice to a Federal Government that has over reached and meddled, encroaching on personal responsibility and personal freedoms.  I am the primary sponsor of legislation calling for an Article V Convention of States.  The time is now to rein-in our broken federal government, balance the federal budget, create term limits for Congress and restrict its abuse of power to insure our personal liberty.

Comprehensive Tax Reform:  I support a tax system that is FAIR for all. I am the Primary Sponsor of the South Carolina FAIR TAX ACT. The Fair Tax will eliminate your personal state income tax, the state corporate income tax and the sales tax and replace it with one tax on new good and services. This will help our businesses grow and make S.C. a shining beacon for attracting businesses and industries. More businesses mean more jobs.

Jobs First:  My 'Jobs First' plan states that every piece of legislation should be put to one test - does this bill make South Carolina more or less job friendly? I will not support taxes, regulations or other bills that hurt business' efforts to create and maintain jobs.

Government Transparency:  I champion the toughening for S.C.'s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) law making government more transparent and responsive. As the primary sponsor of this legislation, my aim is to open up government to the citizens who pay for it; they have a right to know what their government is doing.  Loopholes in the current FOIA allows state agencies, school districts, towns, cities and other government entities to drag their feet on requests and sometimes or refuse to comply.  The S.C. Press Association states, "Passage of this important legislation needs to be a grassroots effort. Every citizen should demand open and transparent government.”  


Legislative Transparency:  I supported legislation that was passed that requires mandatory roll call voting so you know how legislators represent you.  You will know my every vote and be able to hold me accountable.

Government Restructuring:  Allowing S.C.'s 1895 Constitution to drive us into the 21st Century amounts to riding in a 'horse and buggy' while other competing states are driving 'race cars'. Our ability to govern wisely and compete effectively is severely hampered by S.C.'s out-dated Constitution enacted in a far different era.  I support the overhaul of our antiquated form of state government so it is more efficient, accountable, and thrifty and strikes a more appropriate balance of power between the legislative and executive branch.

Limiting Government:  I'll work for government that recommits itself to pursuing freedoms and doesn't set limits on what individual can accomplish and doesn't punish achievers. I'll work to cut the red tape removing barriers and regulations - not a government obsessed with increasing regulations. State agencies work for us; we don't serve them.

Improving Public Education:  I support public education, but as a taxpayer I also want a better return on my investment of tax dollars.  Money is not the real problem; on average SC spends $12,500 a year per student.  Regrettably, our public schools statewide under-perform national averages and graduation rates are dismal.  Time and again educators initiate reform, but little is achieved.  I support freedom of choice - the expansion and empowerment of Charter Schools and tax credits to help families find the education that best suits their personal needs.  Competition is healthy and will be a motivator for public education to truly reform and improve.

Oppose Common Core:  I join those who stand in opposition to the Common Core curriculum and its one-size-fits all national testing standard.  It's costly and unproven.  Education is a local issue, not national.

Sunset Review:  Government programs seem to go on in perpetuity. I favor legislation that creates a Commission to conduct sunset reviews of state programs to determine whether these programs have outlived their usefulness.

Fixing Illegal Immigration:  Illegal is illegal!  I support legislation to tighten down on illegal immigration. I also propose S.C. fully fund its 2007 immigration reform bill which was touted to be the toughest in the nation at that time.

My objective is to work with others to fix what's wrong, spend wisely and show that state government has the same resolve as do most South Carolinian's - to work hard and do the right thing.

I believe voters sent me to the State House to help lead the fight for reform - and that's what I'm doing.

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