S.C. State Poll Results
71% of Voters Favor
Article V Convention of States

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News: Poll: Most South Carolinians Approve States' Convention   Aiken Standard


S.C. Poll:  Rep. Taylor announces result of S.C. poll; Article V COS shows huge voter support. View Results

News:  Wealth Daily features Rep. Taylor's initiative calling for Article V COS initiative. 

Wealth Daily

NEWS: Glenn Beck endorses Rep. Taylor's Article V Convention of States initiative.  (Story & Video)

WRDW-TV: Aiken lawmaker files bill for Article V Convention of States. You Tube video

NEWS: S.C. Rep. Bill Taylor Polls Constituents

Aiken Standard story

NEWS RELEASE: Rep. Bill Taylor Named 2013 Taxpayer Hero by the South Carolina Club for Growth

News Release

NEWS: Rep. Taylor's Town Hall - Road Improvements a Major legislative issue in the future Aiken Standard story

NEWS: Aiken Legislators Amazed by Washington Stonewall Aiken Standard story

NEWS: Fiscal Year to Focus on Ethics and Roadways Aiken Standard story



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Bill Explains Article V Convention of States


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